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About Dan

My name is Dan Horton and I'm a freelance photographer. My quest is to learn as much as I can and enjoy the journey. In 2009, I participated in several workshops by Joe DiMaggio, JoAnne Kalish, and Moose Peterson's Digital Landscape Workshop Series. The workshops allowed me to hone my skills and meet some skilled photographers. It is through these people that my quest has really begun and I thank them all for the knowledge they have shared.

I started taking pictures in the late 80's,high school, my camera then was a Minolta Maxxum 7000i. I continued taking pictures through college and slowed down in the late 90's. My first job was portraits and I would take pictures for the girls in college. They all wanted to be models of course. I did some weddings and later ended up doing travel photography when I went on vacation.

I slowed down in the late 90's to work on my other career, software architect, and didn't focus on my photography again until two years ago. I had gone to talk with a coworker, and now friend Joe Rowland, who happened to have his portfolio with him. After several conversations I had the bug again, I pulled my stuff out, dusted it off, and have been working on my skills ever sense.